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Bishop Zondo Charges R2 Million Over His Alleged Infidelity Scandal

A lobbyist against maltreatment in places of worship Solomon Izang Ashoms uncovered at some point back that Bishop Stephen Zondo of Rivers of Living Waters Ministries was found in a demonstration with the Church’s HR Itumeleng Ngulela and that the spouse Seabi Zondo had left their Matrimonial home.

The Church gave an announcement the next day blaming Solomon for lying since Mrs Zondo was still at her wedding home. Zondo has applied for a court prohibit at the Joburg High Court Against Solomon.

In his application he expressed that not exclusively were Solomon’s charges false however were slanderous and harming to his notoriety. He requested that the court issue him a request guiding Solomon to erase the post,apologise to him and furthermore pay him R2 million in harms.

The Bishop says since the allegations,the open and a few individuals from his congregation have lost trust in him and are treating him with doubt.

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