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Sizwe Dhlomo Throws Shade At Ntsiki Mazwai

Alongside Black Twitter, Sizwe Dhlomo has had enough of Ntsiki Mazwai’s grumbling

The writer and TV character was delayed the course of events today after she castigated the tributes made to the late extraordinary Kobe Bryant, who close by his little girl, kicked the bucket in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

Rather than presenting a supplication or kind words for the Bryant family, Ntsiki inclined for the term of Monday after she addressed – in a very coldhearted tweet – why South Africa was basically making a ‘serious deal’ out of the sportsman’s demise.

One such individual who had enough of Ntsiki being a ‘Negative Nancy’ was Sizwe who reacted to her tweet with one of his own.

“For what reason do individuals get contacted when there’s an overflowing of compassion because of somebody’s passing? Like, why not simply disregard it on the off chance that you didn’t care for the individual?”, he tweeted.


Tweeps additionally reacted to Sizwe and uncovered what they thought was the current issue;


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